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Family Office Services Monaco

Max Fiduciaire’s family office advisors understand that managing your family’s financial affairs can be complex. Our clients with large families and significant wealth appreciate our extensive experience and know-how concerning their assets, interests, and personal objectives.

Family Governance

Experience has shown that the safest way to preserve a family’s wealth is by institutionalising the operation of the family, establishing rules and structures that impersonalise its assets and professionalise the functions while simultaneously educating the new generation.

Trust & Foundation Structuring

Establishing trusts and foundations can be an essential tool in preserving your family’s wealth. Max Fiduciaire’s private family office advisors possess the technical skills to properly advise and customise solutions to meet your family’s unique needs in this area.

Reporting to the Family

One of the key functions of Max Fiduciaire’s multi-family office service in Monaco is to provide clear and concise reporting to the family members to the extent stipulated in the family constitution.

Private Matters Advisory

Max Fiduciaire understands that each family member’s life is unique and can often be complicated. Max Fiduciaire has the know-how and expertise to offer each family member bespoke family office solutions covering a wide range of issues, from prenuptial contracts to identifying real estate investment opportunities.

Lifestyle & Concierge Services

Max Fiduciaire’s luxury lifestyle and concierge services provide our clients with unparalleled service, convenience, and exclusivity. By taking care of every detail, our concierge solutions allow you to enjoy the best that life has to offer without having to worry about the little things.

Luxury Asset Acquisition & Management

Trophy assets require specialised, professional family office advisory services with respect to both their acquisition and management. This advisory must have global reach and requires a network of trusted, competent professionals that will seamlessly conclude transactions and operations in a hassle-free manner.

Charity & Philanthropy

Through our team’s active involvement with multiple charitable foundations, Max Fiduciaire’s family office advisors possess the practical experience and know-how to effectively assist you and your family in their charitable and philanthropic endeavours.


Max Fiduciaire’s multi-family office in Monaco is designed to assist wealthy families with their financial needs and provide a personalised service tailored to each family’s goals, resources, and lifestyle.

Corporate services

Corporate Multi Family Office in Monaco

With a specialised and highly qualified team in corporate structuring and family office services, we have the right competencies to assist with all aspects of business management. Max Fiduciaire’s multi family office will act as one point of contact to simplify all your corporate service functions.



Our Multi Family Office Group

Max Fiduciaire’s group of companies boast experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds across law, finance, taxation and family governance. Our group is strategically located in international markets, providing a suite of services tailored to meet your unique needs and goals.



Helping to Build your Future

Max Fiduciaire’s multi family office relies on a team of professionals who are pioneers in UHNW family offices. Our team possesses the expertise, technical skills, and, most notably, the experience necessary to provide our clients with value-added advisory services and peace of mind.