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Today’s world is flat, in the sense that internet and new technologies rapidly transform local success stories into global phenomena. Fortunes that were built copiously, with sweat and toil, over a life time, can now be created in only a few short years thanks to globalization and vast technological leaps. These changes have created a so called “new money” generation. This ”new money” generation, as their predecessors before them, will inevitably face the headaches of preserving their wealth. The target is simple: Preserve for the Family that which was created by skill, entrepreneurship, taking risks or even by luck and successfully navigate through this constantly changing environment.

Our team at Max Fiduciaire possesses the expertise, the technical skills, but most importantly the experience necessary to provide our clients with value added advisory services and ultimately with peace of mind. At Max Fiduciaire we keep our fingers on the pulse of new trends and international developments and, due to our international, legal and real-business background, we can be an important partner in planning for, developing and maintaining your Family’s stability and well being. Our team holds integrity paramount and its members are bound by strict confidentiality undertakings. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have or provide further information.
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Our services

Max Fiduciaire multi family services

Max Fiduciaire offers several types of services:
- Family governance
- Representation of the family interests
- Reporting to the family
- Reputation protection & crisis management
- Tax planning


Max Fiduciaire Multi Family Expertise

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Advice on International Real Estate Transactions

Max Fiduciaire’s team possesses seasoned experience in the acquisition of international real estate and management of real estate property both locally and abroad. In this context, we can provide you with the following services:
  • Identifying real estate investment opportunities
  • Structuring acquisitions, in order to maximize the investment’s tax efficiency
  • Overseeing the property’s management and leases
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Supervision & Coordination of Cross-border, Commercial Transactions & Disputes

Max Fiduciaire, due to its extensive international legal background and expertise, is uniquely positioned to contribute in the supervision and coordination of cross-border, commercial transactions and disputes. In this context, Max Fiduciaire provides the following services:
  • Supervision of M&A’s and financing transactions
  • Coordination of investors’ disputes, professional negligence or defamation claims
  • Coordination of claims against directors, trustees and other office holders
  • Coordination of cross-border criminal cases and investigations